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Vocational Strand

In Key Stage 4, some students experience difficulty in achieving the DfE national assessment critera (Progress 8). This can be due to a variety of factors including SEMH.

With this in mind the Vocational Strad is aimed at supporting quality vocational based learning alongside bespoke 1:1 tuition focusing on core subjects needs to secure Post 16 work and training.

What we offer:

  • Functional (AQA) Mathematics, English and ICT – Level 1 &2
  • Core subjects delivered as 1:1 tuition
  • Identification and support of a suitable vocational placement and qualification
  • Advice and support in securing Post 16 work or training


How this will be done:

  • Subject specialist (Mathematics, English & ICT) responsible for creating medium term plans and individual learner objective tracking sheets
  • 1:1 tutors responsible for creating short term plan for individual sessions based on medium term plans and learner needs based on tracking
  • Regular assessment built in to tuition sessions
  • Data collection every half term
  • Weekly feedback from vocational placements
  • Formal half termly feedback from both vocational placements and individual tuition
  • Half termly meeting for each learner (arranged by 1:1 tutor) – PRU, Home school, parent and Local Authority (Exclusions or Inclusion as appropriate) – Education focused
  • Regular (fortnightly) CPD with T,L,A focus
  • Personal Development, behaviour and Welfare
  • Bridge the gap between academic achievement and Post 16 employment and training
  • Support learners with behaviour while accessing vocational placements
  • Maintain close working relationships with external agencies – including social services, Early Help, CAMHs, Crest, TYS, Careers
  • Monitor attendance and engagement both in core and vocational learning

Prepare learners for Post 16 opportunities

How we will do this:

  • Monitor attendance – tuition and placement and intervene if drops below 85%
  • Identify and secure suitable vocational placement and qualification opportunities
  • Provide support for identified learners to help them achieve a vocational qualification – some students may require a dedicated learning support throughout placement to ensure success
  • Appropriate and accurate careers advice
  • Support with application, visits and interview for Post 16 pathway
  • Safeguarding of students while on tuition and placement – through monitoring of attendance, QA of placements and regular contact with providers
  • Close work with outside agencies
  • Identifying a lead tutor for each student with responsibility for tracking, monitoring and feeding back key information relating to learning and safeguarding

Outcomes for pupils:

  • Pupils are exceptionally well prepared for the next stage of their education, training or employment and have attained relevant qualifications.
  • The choice of Post 16 destinations strongly support their career plans.

How we will do this:

  • Work with a range of Quality Assured providers to identify suitable qualifications and learning environments suitable to an individual learners needs
  • Work with careers advisors to identify Post 16 opportunities and support with application, visits and interviews
  • Regular formal and informal assessment to allow learners to achieve at least Level 1 qualifications in functional skills
  • Opportunities to achieve Level 2 Functional Skills qualifications
  • Support learners in building positive routines and relationships in vocational settings

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Are you employed in the Health Service Industry, Police, Emergency Services, etc. i.e. are you classed as a key worker?

If yes, we will compare your occupation against the Government guidance which is soon to be released. If you feel your job role falls into the key worker category, do you need to send your child to school? If so please reply with your child's name and job role.

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